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Click on the camera to see each item. The photos are low resolution but should be a sufficient guide. Most of the posters were shrink-wrapped on acid-free board at the time I took the photos, and they show a lot of glare and reflection, so in most cases the posters are much more attractive than shown in these small photos. Poster sizes are approximate.

Email me (1) what you want and (2) your state or country. I will email you back with a total price (including postage any applicable fees and sales tax; if you want insurance you need to ask for it).  Then you can go to Paypal.com and pay with your credit card to my email address. If you are serious about buying, I'm happy to answer any questions you have. Please don't ask "is it still available" unless you are prepared to buy if it is available. I do not charge "handling" or otherwise try to net more than the price listed. I will add my best estimate of actual shipping charges, sales tax only if you live in Texas, plus the internet transaction fee that I am charged.

The persons on the mailing list often receive advance notice when there is a substantial increase in items for sale.  If you did not get advance notice it means you aren't on the mailing list because you either never signed up, your email changed, you didn't check your email or you never ordered the new book. If you want notice next time, get on the mailing list.

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I am selling hundreds of items from my personal collection!  For sale is the bulk of my poster collection, autographs, record awards, concert programs, clothing, rare collectables of every description. Make sure to see all four pages of collectibles for sale, not just this page. There are links to the next page at the end of each page. SRV posters are all on page 2 now.
The Really Cool Stuff
NEW - LIMITED OPPORTUNITY BEFORE THESE TAPES GO TO AUCTION!  There is a great opportunity for SRV audio collectors. One of the engineers who worked on the Live Alive album project is selling leftover master and safety tape reels. There are a total of 18 tapes recorded at Stevie's concerts in July 1986. Six are 2" 24-track safety masters, including 14 songs, approximately 90 minutes of music. There are twelve 1/4" stereo mix masters taken directly from the original masters prior to the material being overdubbed - this is what the concerts actually sounded like, rather than the overdubbed released album. The 1/4" masters total about 5.5 hours of music. In all, there are about 70 tracks comprising approximately 30 different songs, including many that were never released. There are tracks of Stevie and Jimmie playing "Pipeline" on double-neck guitar, and several songs sung by Angela Stehli. Really rare stuff. The sound quality is superb, as you can imagine. The engineer is offering all 18 tapes as a single lot. The asking price is now $7,500 for these rare recordings. Please note that the tapes cannot be commercially used; no copyright or reproduction rights come with these tapes; they are being sold merely as collectibles. If you are interested in acquiring these tapes, please contact me. best offer
1987 Live Alive Tour Jacket - The most elaborately embroidered of all the tour jackets (and the only "hoodie"), with a large image of Stevie wearing the Native American headdress on the back. This is nice warm jacket with a liner, zip front plus snaps and a hood that can be left inside or pulled out. Size M, but I think they run large.  One dark spot on one elbow, cuffs and bottom elastic a little bit "fuzzy" which could be rememdied easily.  SOLD


There are 17 different custom picks with Stevie's name printed on the pick. Easily the most common pick Stevie used was a plain ol' Fender medium. The only guitar picks I can confidently say were actually used by Stevie Ray Vaughan to make some of the most amazing music in history are those I have obtained directly from his roadies or his former fiance. 

Picks showing wear from use by Stevie:
- Fender medium, red (top row, middle). He used these throughout his career, but particularly in the early years. SOLD
- Fender medium, red. Similar to above. USED. $SOLD
- Fender medium, light blue. USED. $SOLD

Custom picks (no wear apparent): SOLD OUT! I am not planning to "stock" picks anymore, but I may be able to find an unused or used pick or two from my sources. Let me know if you are ready to buy and I'll see what I can find.
- Yellow "Stevie Ray" - his second pick with his name on it. ca. 1983. $SOLD
- Purple Delrin "Stevie Ray Vaughan". $SOLD
- White "Stevie Ray Vaughan" on two lines. $SOLD
- Red "Stevie Ray Vaughan" on two lines in gold letters $SOLD
- Multicolor "Stevie Ray Vaughan" in gold letters. $SOLD 
- Multicolor "Stevie Ray Vaughan" in gold letters. $650 (similar to one shown) SOLD

- Multicolor "Stevie Ray Vaughan" in gold letters. $650 (second from left) SOLD
- Multicolor "Stevie Ray Vaughan" in highly contrasting white letters. $750 (fourth from left) SOLD

Other SRV picks 
One of Stevie's roadies recently discovered some guitar picks left over from touring with Stevie. These picks all date to the period 1983-1985 and are unused. They are from two of Stevie's favorite guitar shops - Ray Hennig's Heart of Texas Music in Austin, and Charley's Guitar Shop in Dallas. I think they are really cool because of where they are from and I added some of these to my Stevie pick collection because they are just as much from Stevie's pick supply as those with his name on them. There are also a few Fender medium picks from his supply. Not as expensive, but just as genuine. Because they do not have Stevie's name on them, we are offering them for ONLY $100 each, or a set of seven for $650. Described below: 

- Vintage "H.O.T. Music" pick from Ray Hennig's Heart of Texas Music in Austin, Texas! Ray's store is where Stevie got Number One in 1974, and where he would stop before shows to get picks, strings, etc. Available in red, white, blue, tortoise and black. State your top two color choices, and if we run out of your top choices we'll send you one of the others.

- Vintage Charley's Guitar Shop pick from Dallas, Texas. Charley Wirz was, of course, the man Stevie dedicated "Life Without You" to. Charley started the Dallas Guitar Show in 1978, and it continues on today. Stevie obtained several guitars from Charley, including the famous white guitar on the cover of Couldn't Stand the Weather. Picks available in yellow and white glow-in-the-dark. State your preference, but if we run out of glow-in-the-dark we'll send you a yellow one.

Tommy Shannon picks - VERY RARE, as Tommy only played a couple of songs with a pick ( I believe Tommy told me years ago that Voodoo Chile or Third Stone was the song he used a pick on mainly). Two styles: one is heavy felt, the other is gray nylon. $35 each.

prices from $100 shown 
at left
I am currently sold out of autographs for the first time in about 20 years.  If you want me to find a genuine autograph for you, let me know. I expect prices to be $850 and higher depending on what is signed.
NEW!! Get the new SRV documentary DVD weeks before the public release in September.  CLICK HERE SOLD OUT
PHOTO A New Hi! Stevie's first record. This is the ultimate display item for Stevie's first record. These very rare records were issued with a folded poster with photos of each band on the record. 16-year-old Stevie Vaughan is pictured with the band Cast of Thousands. The poster is FRAMED. A sheet of plexiglas was placed over the poster, and the album cover and a copy of the credits listing Stevie's name is then floated in the frame so that the poster is not damaged in any way. The record is not in the frame, so you can still play it! The poster and frame are approx 24 x36. $1,200
  Selections From Play Hard & Floor It!  This was a limited DVD used as a premium for people joining public television in 2007. It is 24 minutes of video Stevie from Montruex, El Mocambo and Austin City Limits. The minimum pledge to get this DVD was $75. The only one I've seen on eBay went for about that much. I have two available $50
  Best Buy promo only CD single with "Sting's Swing" outtake from 1984, and "Drivin' South" live in Houston in 1983. The CD was released in 2000 with the early copies of the SRV box set, and these songs were exclusive to this promo disc and not included in the box set. These have sold for up to $150. One left. $75
Miscellaneous duplicate CDs from my collection.
  • Soul to Soul - $5
  • Live Alive - $5
  • The Sky is Crying - front booklet but no back tray insert. $4
  Looking for the "BONUS CD" of the earliest known recordings of Stevie Ray Vaughan from 1969-1970? They are available only with purchase of the book. See below for details.  
Pins -  1990s cloisonne (metal and enamel) pin made by the Estate of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Gold and white guitar with "Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble." These are the nicest SRV pins ever made. They were originally made in small quantity at the time Couldn't Stand the Weather was released in 1984. The Estate of SRV made another relatively small quantity around 1994. I recently bought out what I believe to be the last horde of these 15-year-old pins. One sold on eBay recently for $71, and the originals from 1984 (if you can find one) sell for up to $100. These pins are identical except for the texture on the back of the pin. It has a locking clasp on the back like jewelry, not one of those detachable round clasps you squeeze. This is not a cheap pin-back button but a high quality cloisonne pin. They are 1.5" long. 



Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day By Day, Night After Night
Collectors Edition

New Lower Price!!

The biography you have been waiting for is here!
432 pages; 111 interviews; 970 illustrations; weighs almost 5 lbs!

First printing signed by the author limited to 3200 copies. Less than 110 copies remain at this price. Get yours now.

BONUS CD: A very limited number of CD's are available with purchase of the book. These CD's were licensed in 2008 and only 1000 were made. They contain the earliest known recordings of Stevie Ray Vaughan: two live tracks from 1969, and two studio tracks from 1970. You will read about these recordings in the book. The bonus CD's were promotional premiums for advance orders of the book in 2008 and the very few remaining copies (less than 8) are now being used as premiums to help sell some of the last copies of the book. They are available only with purchase of the book, so please do not ask to buy them separately.

This is the only item for sale that you can order without emailing in advance. It's all automated through Paypal for your convenience. Click on the link for immediate ordering. Shipping within one business day in most cases. See also the Hall of Fame Edition below, limited to 8 copies!

order now - click the camera


Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day By Day, Night After Night  Hall of Fame Edition Autographed by Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon, Reese Wynans, the late Doyle Bramhall and the author. Limited to 8 copies, only seven of which will be sold. UPDATE: 6 left. Click on the camera for more information.

order now - click the camera
The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan. My second SRV book. Only 2967 copies were printed; it will not be reprinted. Copies of this book have sold for up to $500. Occasionally I get a used copy in. sold out
The Stevie Ray Vaughan Anthology. My first SRV book.  It is currently unsigned, which is actually much more rare than signed, but I will sign it if requested. FIRST PRINTING - only 1500 were printed; it will not be reprinted. Very good condition for this now 17-year-old out-of-print book. Cover shows some wear but it lays flat. Copies of this book have sold for up to $350.  $100
The Stevie Ray Vaughan Anthology. My first SRV book.  It is currently unsigned, which is actually much more rare than signed, but I will sign it if requested. FIRST PRINTING - only 1500 were printed; it will not be reprinted. Very good condition for this now 17-year-old out-of-print book. Cover shows some wear but it lays flat. Copies of this book have sold for up to $350.  $75
  Dust Jacket - Do you need a new dust jacket for your copy of The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan, or a new cover you can wrap around The Stevie Ray Vaughan Anthology? I have extras and you can order as many as you like. Order a couple dozen and make a collage! $2 ea.
   Assorted books and magazines:
These are all used books and magazines. The books are in excellent condition, the magazines in average used condition.

Book - 1st printing of Caught In The Crossfire by Joe Nick Patoski and Bill Crawford. $15
Magazine - Guitar (UK) 2009 - Stevie on the cover and my article about Stevie's early years. $15
Magazine - Blues & Soul Records No. 95(Japanese text) Stevie on the cover, w/ CD including "Rough Edges"  $15

  Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day By Day, Night After Night - His Early Years 1954-1982
Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day By Day, Night After Night - His Final Years 1983-1990
This is the new edition of the book in two volumes. I have a very few copies of each, and these are the only signed copies of this edition other than a few I signed at book signing events in 2010.
$45 ea. or $75 for both volumes
  Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day By Day, Night After Night - Deluxe Edition
This is the new edition of the book in two volumes and enclosed in a slipcase. I have very few sets, and these are the only signed copies of this deluxe set.
My personal collection of SRV magazines, newspaper articles and clippings. I collected these items from all over the world for 20 years. This is almost certainly the most complete SRV research library in the world, used to create the newlsetters, website and books I have published. The standard-size magazines and clippings are organized into approximately 16 large notebooks, plus there are several boxes of newspapers and oversized magazines. For the items with Stevie on the cover, these are the actual magazines pictured in the books I have done. Please note that it is probably going to be late 2011 before I will be ready to transfer this collection to you, as I am still using them for another project. There are approximately 335 magazines dating from 1974 to the present, including approximately 20 that came with CDs, and approximately 140 have Stevie on the cover! There are also approximately 40 newspapers, including 10 reporting Stevie's death and funeral. If that isn't enough, there are also three 2-inch notebooks of clippings and photocopies of articles from around the world.  SOLD

BELOW LISTED ARE MANY ITEMS FROM MY PERSONAL COLLECTION, ACQUIRED OVER THE PAST 20 YEARS. I am in the process of adding photos and additional items,
so please check back over the next few days and weeks!

autograph 1983  Texas Flood promo poster signed in black by Stevie. 37x45 signed in red by Chris Layton. Tack holes, wrinkling g+  $    1,000  
award 1985-12 Epic Records in-house gold award for Couldn't Stand Weather  FRAMED vg+  $     1,050  
award 1990-10 Epic Records RIAA gold award for Family Style  FRAMED. This is a genuine record award presented to an employee of Epic Records. vg+  $       850 PHOTO
award   Live From Austin video gold award presented to Charles Comer, Stevie's publicist  FRAMED vg+  $       800  
clothing-coat 1994 denim jacket with logo embroidered on back; made by the Estate of SRV. Size XL m-  $       300  
clothing-shirt 1989 In Step promotional shirt, long sleeve, button front, 2 pocket; 'SRV logo embroidered above pocket, bright blue m-  $       150  
clothing-shirt 1995 handpainted T-shirt by Ilse Jouette. Very beautiful. vg+  $        50  
clothing-shirt   "It's Another Good Day for the Blues" black t-shirt; design by the late Harold Dozier. Very colorful. Size XL    $        40  
clothing-shirt   "Tragedy in the Midnight Fog" black t-shirt with images of Stevie and news reports of crash. m-  $        25  
clothing-shirt   Brockum black T with green "Last Call" image and signature embroidered in gold g+  $        25  
clothing-shirt   Brockum, all-over print T-shirt, black w/ gold stripe etc. Arguably the best design of all the post-1990 shirts vg  $        35  
clothing-watch 1999 1 men's wristwatch, 1 pocket watch with clip; Texas Flood style photo on face; in orig boxes ss  $        30  
invitation 1985-12-15 Arnold & Morgan guitar clinic invitation; could be reprint; mounted on matt board vg mtd  $        10  
misc   3.25" replica of Number One guitar m  $        45  
misc-papers 1982 business card, white w/ gold, folds open; Cutter's card g discolored  $       500  
misc-papers 1984-02-28 postcard written and signed Charles Comer (publicist) from Beverly Hills re Grammy Awards to Peter Trollope m-  $        20  
misc-papers 1985 Tokai Electric Guitars catalog - SRV on cover vg+  $        20  
misc-papers 1986-02-15 Saturday Night Live TV script; host Jerry Hall, SRV guest; approx 115 pages vg  $       100  
misc-papers 1989 In Step tour "Catering" sign from backstage; 8.5 x 11 printed by Otto m-  $        25  
misc-papers 1989-01-20 Presidential Inaugural items: gala program & ticket; concert; pass; napkin & matchbook. I bought these at the estate sale for Jimmie's father-in-law vg+  $       100  
misc-papers 1989-90 business card, Strike Force; Skip Rickert, tour manager m-  $       250  
misc-papers 1991 RockCard trading card, photo on front of Stevie at Alpine Valley  m  $        20  
misc-papers 1991-08-13 letter signed by Jimmie Vaughan recognizing my donation to the SRV Memorial Fund; 'framed with photos of Jimmie, his family and the sculptor at the SRV Memorial and the VIP invitation. One of a kind item.  FRAMED m  $       350  
misc-papers 1999 year 2000 calendar of SRV photos by Tracy Hart and Robert Knight m-  $        25  
misc-promo 1986 Live Alive recording session souvenir beer cup, blue plastic w/ silver print all around. Austin Opera House. vg  $100  PHOTO
misc-jewelry   12-step earring; similar to one worn by SRV m-  I am not that interested in splitting up my pin collection, but will sell the whole collection  for $1200   
pin 1983 "Looking for Double Trouble? Ask me about SRV" promo; 1.75" round white w/ red lettering  m  
pin 1983 red with blue & white lettering, concession item for Tx Flood; 1.25" round m  
pin 1983 red with white lettering, concession item for Tx Flood; 1.25" round m  
pin 1983 set of 3 pins for David Bowie album Let's Dance; style one m-  
pin 1983 set of 3 pins for David Bowie album Let's Dance; style two in original packaging m  
pin 1984 clossoine, gold and white guitar shape; original (reproductions made in 1998) m  
pin 1984 promo "Ask Me About the Weather"; red and black, round 1.75" m  
pin 1984-03-06 pin back button used as pass for show in Hawaii w/ Jeff Beck; 1.5" round red w/black "CBS Records 3/6/84" lettering m-  
pin 1985 Soul to Soul shoe print shaped promo pin; red and black 3.5 x 1.25. (2) one in cellophane m  
pin 1985 ca. Rock n' Blues Over America Tour" white, red and blue 3" pin vg+  
pin 1986-87 1.25" round black pin w/ red, yellow and green guitars; '"SRV & DT Live Alive  Tour" m  
pin 1987 Back to the Beach movie promo 1.75 x 2.75 vg+  
pin 1989 In Step cover art on 1.5" square pin m-  
pin 1989 In Step era logo, shaped m-  
pin 1993 ca. Brockum pewter logo pin m  
pin 1993 ca. Brockum pewter logo pin; on original retail card m-  
pin 1996 ca. Hard Rock Café, Phoenix; SRV cloisonne guitar pin m  
pin 1999 cloisonne guitar pin of #1 Strat (2) one gold, one silver; approx 2.5" long m  
pin-art 1988 approx 3-inch round paper artwork for pin-back button; Oak Cliff Reunion vg+  
program 1984-05-09 Texas Music Awards one sheet program vg  $          4  
program 1988-10-14/15 Austin Rhythm & Blues Foundation 12 pp. band bio; +Raitt, T-birds, Lowe m-  $        40  
program 1990 Grammy Awards program    $        50  
sticker 1982 Montreux Jazz Fest, Marlboro freebie approx. 4x5 m-  $        35  
Xmas card 1987 Strike Force Mgmt card/envelope, piano on front m-  $        45  
Xmas card 1988 Strike Force Mgmt fold open card/mailer, mostly blue; facsimile signatures vg++  $        45